Friday, December 5, 2014

Checking Goals off the list!

There are mind sets you get stuck in. For me, one of those mind sets is that I am slow and have to take breaks when I'm hiking. My mind was blown recently when I had the epiphany that I can just go slower for a few steps rather than taking a break. 2 weeks ago I then realized the hike on Glory Mt off Teton pass, that I do all the time, I could do with out stopping. I didn't think I could do it right away so I set it as a season goal. I hiked Glory a few times and tried to do it non stop but something always cameras  up, had to pee, shed a layer, had asthma issues etc... Always something, so I started thinking of ways to eliminate each of them. I honestly didn't really think I would be able to until at least mid-season. TODAY, this morning... I DID IT! It was just the right situation, my breathing was good, I pee'd before I left, I shed a layer as I moved.. And just slowed down if I needed to then sped up when I could, keeping my breathing and heart rate under control. 
I am surprised that I did it and I need bigger goals now! So exciting!

What are your season, year and life goals and how are you achieving those TODAY? Or what moves can you make now to get closer to achieving them?!
Unbroken hill climb!.. Ready to shred!
Just like Dori would say 'Just keep moving'

Sunrise on Mt Glory
The frost looked like 1'' thorns!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Season Health Goal #1

Trying to keep it simple this season... A lot of my diet is just a habit by now but beyond diet I'm focusing on some lifestyle goals. I'm going to talk about my hydration goal this week.

Daily goal - 100 oz. of water
Easier said then done but it's all about one day at a time...And its a goal that is good no matter what, if I don't make it everyday I'm still more hydrated then I would be without it.

What are your health goals and how will you achieve them?...

Without water you can't function to your fullest capacity.
To meet my goal of drinking a minimum of 100oz/day I drink about 50-64 oz when I wake up, on an empty stomach. Drinking water on an empty stomach has countless benefits. My favorite is that it gets my pre-game poop ready before I leave home to go snowboard. It also gives me a head start on being hydrated for my whole day, then I can just have some sips when I need, and a glass at my meals. I also do a positive enforcement trick with myself where, once I drink at least 50 oz. in the morning I treat myself to coffee or tea!

50-64 oz right when I wake up
10-32 oz sipping as the day goes maybe lots more if I'm doing a long adventure.
10-12 oz at lunch
10-12 oz at dinner
10-12 oz before I go to bed
90-132 oz easily.. broken down in an order that makes it more realistic

What are your favorite drinking tools!? I love my Platypus water bottle.

Cushioning your joints and converting food to energy are pretty essential for snowboarding. .. or any fun thing!

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Its been over a decade now that I've been working in the snowboard industry. I've met a lot of awesome people and learned a lot first hand about business marketing. I was really interesting doing this interview because it made me realize that I had so much information retained that was not common knowledge. Most of it was life experience but what was crazy too is that I didn't realize how good of information it was and is, just all these tid bits from people along the way of this crazy lifestyle I live. I love it, I love the challenge of trying to make something from what you got, like cooking dinner when you cant go to the grocery store, taking what you have as a snowboarder and exploiting it to sell product so you can continue to do what you love as a job!

Here's some tid bits with people I have been spending a lot fo my summer with.. at 'The Monster Factory'...

The Monster Factory- Episode 2: Business from Handman Productions on Vimeo.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Paleo Chocolate Espresso Hazelnut Cake

There's something different about German chocolate cake that makes it my absolute favorite. More then any other chocolate cake. 

I have been trying to nail down and create the flavor picture I have in my head from my experiences with German chocolate for a long time. Yes, the frosting is amazing, and over the top and I have not quite perfected my recipe for it without using butter. When I perfect it, I'll post it! But for now this is my Paleo German Chocolate Cake or since I don't have the frosting recipe lets call it
Hazelnut espresso chocolate cake.

 It's not only my favorite but it's my dads as well. He and my step mom came out to Jackson Hole for his birthday so I wanted to make sure I finished this recipe so I could make it for them. 

I had some extra of an experimental batch that I tried as pancakes, I added about 1/4 cup of thick coconut milk and they turned out great too!

Paleo German Chocolate cake
3 Tablespoons cocoa powder
1 Tbs instant espresso
1/4 cup coconut flour
1/2 cup hazelnut flour
1/2 tsp baking soda

4 eggs
1 1/2 Tbs vanilla
1/3 cup maple syrup
3 Tablespoons coconut oil

Bake at 375' until puffy enough that when you lightly press down the top, it's pops back up.